Tribal Leadership Resources

One of the most important qualities of a remarkable business is company culture. According to the book, Tribal Leadership, every company is a tribe, or if it’s large enough, a network of tribes—groups of twenty to 150 people in which everyone knows everyone else, or at least knows of everyone else. Tribes are more powerful than teams, companies, or even CEOs, and yet their key leverage points have not been mapped—until now. Tribal Leadership, shows leaders how to assess their organization’s tribal culture on a scale from one to five and then implement specific tools to elevate the stage to the next. The result is unprecedented success.

Below are some of the excellent resources available for free courtesy of the authors of Tribal Leadership.

Free Audio Book
In Tribal Leadership, the authors offer a wealth of “technical notes” which explain how to leverage the leadership system in any culture. They also offer coaching tips including how to identify a tribe’s language and customs, how to move yourself forward while moving your people, and how to build a support network. “The goal is to give you the perspective and tools of a Tribal Leader,” the authors write. “The result is more effective workplaces, greater strategic success, less stress, and more fun. In short, the point of this book is for you to build a better organization in which the best people want to work and make an impact.

Tribal Leadership Website
The Tribal Leadership website offers some great tools such as a survey to determine your company’s tribe level, a free audio book, videos, articles, a blog, and more.

CultureMeter Survey
Take this 2 minute survey to discover the level of your organization’s culture.

Tribal Leadership Toolbox
A vast library of tools for beginners to advanced leaders. Lots of great stuff here.

Videos and Articles
Included in this section are a TED talk by author, David Logan, a video introduction to Tribal Leadership philosophies (both videos are embedded below) as well as a slew of articles from major national publications.