Leveraging Reviews To Sell More

Tips On Integrating Reviews and Testimonials In Your Sales Strategy

Close more sales and sell more services!

Break Down the Trust Barrier

The single most important concern consumers have when shopping for a service is trust. In our article about marketing with reviews we told you about the “Zero Moment of Truth” and how you can use reviews and testimonials to start breaking down that trust barrier. If you’ve done your job well, and a shopper calls your company you are now at the First Moment of Truth – another opportunity to work at breaking down the trust barrier. It is at the Zero Moment of Truth that providing remarkable service and turning a customer into a net promoter should become Job Number One. But first you have to convert them from a shopper into a customer! And that’s where trust-building comes in. Using reviews to build trust can not only help you close a sale but it’s also proven to help you sell more to each customer. Below are a few ideas for using reviews and testimonials in your sales strategy.

Let Your Customers Do the Talking

Again, same concept here as with marketing and advertising. When selling, don’t just say, “Trust me.” Let your happy customers do the talking. Consumers are tired of the hard sell. They get a pit in their stomach when you start pulling out sales tools designed to convince them that they need your advice and service. Put the hard sell sales tools away and let your customers tell your story. A portfolio of great reviews and testimonials is the most powerful sales tool a service company will ever have. Gather your best reviews, your letters from happy customers, print out web testimonials, put all that stuff in a portfolio, and drop it on the counter. If you can get a prospective customer’s email you should immediately send them a message containing reviews and testimonials, or send them a link to your reviews. This could be an appointment confirmation email, or just a welcome email. Show your prospective customer that according to your existing customers you can be trusted to provide remarkable service! And again you won’t just get more customers, you’ll sell more stuff to them. ReviewBuzz includes a handy tool for creating individual review portfolios.

Customer-Centric Everything

From the time you answer the phone to well past the moment the job is done, every aspect of your service needs to be 100% customer-centric. That means every step of the selling process should be designed around the customers’ perceptions and needs. Let customers know right up front that your company takes pride in it’s remarkable reputation and high ratings and that you want to provide them with the highest level of customer service. This not only adds to breaking down the trust barrier, but it primes the pump for later on when you ask for a review or testimonial. Also, again, make it about your people. Let the prospect know that a particular service person will be coming out their house. “We’ll be sending John out to your house. He’s one of our five-star technicians. Our customers love him! I’ll can send you some of his reviews.”

Make it Social

If a prospect calls to kick tires they will usually say something like, “Let me think about it and I’ll call you back.” Or, “I need to check with my partner.” When this happens, it’s rare that you will actually get a call back. This is another good opportunity to leverage your online reputation. Your receptionist could suggest the caller do a little homework and look up your company on Yelp or Google+ or Facebook where, of course, you have tons of great trust-building content like reviews that you share, testimonial videos, etc. Also, offer to send them a coupon to try to get their name and email address. Once you have that you can send links to review profiles, testimonial videos, etc. Always be working to build trust and break down barriers to trust by pointing out your stellar reputation and letting your happy customers do the talking.