Review Generation and Marketing Positions

To get the most from your review generation and marketing programs, there are some specific duties that need to be assigned to people at your company. These apply whether the company is big or small. So, if you have a small company, one or two people may be doing all of these roles. If you have a very large company, multiple managers may take on these roles. Let’s break down what the roles are:

Chief Buzz Officer (CBO) – Your Leader
This person is the company owner, president, general manager or operations manager – someone who holds responsibility over your management teams.  While they may be active and involved with review generation and marketing, they are more of the cheerleader and visionary of how to take customer service to the next level. It’s their job to hold their managers responsible for earning and requesting reviews and using them in your marketing.

Buzz Manager (BM) – Marketing Manager
The Buzz Manager’s main responsibility is to build consumer trust by utilizing positive reviews in advertising, marketing, and sales tools. Because of this, the most likely candidate to be the Buzz Manager is the Marketing Manager.

Review Generation Manager (RGM) – Service Managers
RGMs are responsible for training and motivation, as well as recognizing, and rewarding front line employees who earn and request reviews. Service team managers are the best candidates for your RGMs because they are on the front lines with the field personnel, and have the opportunity to see their employees every day to encourage them to be remarkable on a regular basis. There may be more than one RGM for your company if there are multiple departments.