Today it’s no longer about who has the best yellow page position, or the best advertising campaigns, or even who has the highest search engine ranking. The field has been leveled. In this new world of social media and online review sites, it’s no longer a given that the company that spends the most on advertising will win the game. Today, only a company that builds – and effectively leverages – its online reputation will thrive.

The two biggest challenges for service companies are making the phone ring, and making the cash register ring. The tragedy is that the majority of marketing and advertising dollars spent trying to meet these challenges is wasted. Marketing is hard! (Or I should say it used to be hard.)

So, what will reading this book do for me?

Inside Stop Marketing. Be Remarkable! I’ll show you how to supercharge your marketing and sales by focusing on something else, first – how to motivate your employees to become service heroes. And then I’ll show you how to leverage all your happy customers to do your marketing for you, talk about you online, help you build trust with shoppers, get your phone ringing, and even help you close more – and bigger – sales.

Imagine that – doing what you do best, leaving the marketing to your customers, and beating your competition!

FACT: The companies that got into the yellow pages first got the best position. And the companies that caught on to search engine marketing more than a decade ago occupied the top search positions for years. Just like in those days, today, the companies that are first to “get it” when it comes to earning, managing, and leveraging their online reputation will build and maintain a lead on their competition – and thrive! And those that don’t get it will wither.

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Would you give someone $25 if you knew their advice would add a million dollars to your sales in the coming years? Well, I’m sure that once you understand what’s at stake that you’ll see the price of this book as a mere pittance – a tiny investment that can help you dominate your market and substantially increase the value of your company. For that reason, I’m offering you a free chapter of the book so you can understand what’s at stake. If you can “get it” and put it into practice before your competition does your business will thrive.

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