Mike Montano is an innovative thought leader in internet marketing for local service businesses. Founder and architect of website, ReviewBuzz.com, a revolutionary review generation and management tool, Montano has become a highly respected authority in the emerging field of online reputation management.

Mike offers to service business owners not only winning strategies but also an education that gives them control over their marketing dollars, visibility and lead generation.

Montano’s big internet marketing breakthrough came with the discovery of an important link between top notch customer service, online reviews and word-of-mouth marketing. This insight led him to develop ReviewBuzz.com, a comprehensive online system that helps service companies to accumulate positive reviews and promote excellence in customer service.

ReviewBuzz ties together a system for rewarding employees who provide outstanding service with a way to motivate happy customers to post positive reviews, and then leverages those reviews to generate a buzz online. ReviewBuzz has now generated more than 1 million reviews for companies nationwide.