Stop Marketing. Be Remarkable’s easy-to-follow rules will become your GPS in the rapidly evolving online marketing arena. Leave your competition behind with your secret weapon – a winning 5-Star-powered reputation – and stay ahead of the rest.

Do you know how important your online reputation is but don’t know how to make it exceptional?

As a service provider you can’t just adopt the same online techniques designed for large, brand name retail companies. That’s why Mike wrote Stop Marketing. Be Remarkable! for you, the service company owner.

Stop Marketing. Be Remarkable! draws on successful examples of leading companies that defy gravity. They prove that by being customer-centric, you’ll not only reduce your marketing budget, but simultaneously see record-breaking growth and profit margins.

The results extend to areas beyond the bottom line:

  • Higher customer retention
  • Improved employee retention
  • Increased referral business
  • Improved company culture
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • More productive workforce

So how do you earn a 5-Star review and create a buzz-worthy reputation online?

Stop Marketing. Be Remarkable! contains five essential rules you can use to get reviews working for you right away, and without spending any extra money on marketing:

  1. Don’t “We-We” All Over Yourself
  2. Power Your Profits through Remark-ability
  3. Turn Reviews into Revenue
  4. Beware the “Fool’s Gold” of Internet Marketing
  5. Build a Buzz-Winning Team

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