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Praise from Readers
"Mike Montano, thank you for awesome
testimonial marketing strategies. This is a
must-read-act-now book
Ellen Rohr
Bare Bones Biz
"If there was a self-fulfilling marketing
, the techniques in Stop Marketing.
Be Remarkable!
are the core elements
of that machine."
Adams Hudson
President of
Hudson, Ink Marketing Corp.
"This is an easy formula to transform your
company from average to extraordinary."
Lisa M Schardt
Business Enhancement Coach,
Nexstar Network, Inc
"Mike shows you how to unleash your
biggest asset and he masterfully connects
the dots between creating a raving fan
and getting your phone to ring"
Joe Crisara
"Mike Montano is one of those marketers
who can help you take massive action
and reach your true potential."
The Blue Collar Success Group
"A must-read for service and product-
oriented businesses.
It provides tools and
strategies to help you make the most of the
new consumer path."
Cary Johnson
General Mgr. Geary LSF
Digital Marketing Group
"Don't deny yourself the opportunity to
increase your sales, your income per
sale and your referrals! Buy Mike's
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Chip Eichelberger
Founder, GetSwitchedOn.com
"Mike Montano provides you with a strategy
and an action plan to earn great reviews
and to help customers spread good news
about your company."
Elliot Leiboff
President, CallSource
"Stop Marketing. Be Remarkable! provides
proven strategies for not only making your
customers shout your praises online, but
making your staff more passionate about
being remarkable."
Brigham Dickinson
Power Selling Pros
"Stop Marketing. Be Remarkable! is the best
tell-it-like-it-is operational strategy book and
it's easy to implement."
Marc Sulkes
President, Yes! Stores

When you pick up a book that tells you to stop marketing, what goes through your mind? Does it make you a little nervous because it seems counterintuitive to everything you’ve heard in the past? Does it simply seem too good to be true? Will it negatively affect your profits?

It’s not too good to be true, it’s not the complete opposite of good business practices, and it will improve your bottom line. The best part is you are guaranteed to see your work environment become more exciting than ever!

The tools present in Stop Marketing. Be Remarkable! are not merely a twist on traditional marketing techniques. In fact, they leave traditional marketing in the dust, where it belongs and instead they focus on what creates exceptional companies.

"When I say stop marketing, be remarkable, I am referring to the need for changing our thinking by being exceptional and not just relying on fancy self-promoting marketing campaigns." - Mike Montano

Embrace today's tools that will supercharge your marketing campaigns by creating a recipe that includes your customers.

Discover the benefits inside Stop Marketing. Be Remarkable!, including the tools to:

  • Spend a lot less money on marketing and advertising
  • Dominate search engines and review sites
  • Get your customers to do your marketing for you
  • Turn your workforce into service heroes
  • Supercharge your sales and increase profit margins
  • Stay in good graces with Google Guidelines

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